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CE – Central Europe Program

Amazon CE: The Definition, The Advantages & Any Disadvantages

Has your online business got a little bigger from that possible starting position on the European Fulfilment Network (EFN)? Then you should consider the Central European Program (CE). This allows you in effect to store in THREE countries.

A Brief Overview

CE allows you the seller with an ‘Amazon European Marketplaces Account’, and are also registered for ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ (FBA) to store your inventory in a Germany warehouse, then Amazon handles the distribution to Amazon’s fulfilment centres in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic at Amazon’s discretion. There are no additional FBA fees to use this service.

CE allows Amazon to take management of your inventory by potentially keeping your inventory in THREE pools. Amazon handles the distribution after you initially store it in Germany, giving them control at no additional FBA fees.

Your FBA inventory can then be listed for sale on all Amazon’s European Marketplaces using a single selling account. Orders received from these marketplaces will be fulfilled from the FBA inventory using Amazon’s fast, flexible and reliable CE program.

Quick Facts

Amazon FBA what is it?

With CE you can store your products in different fulfilment centres across THREE countries, after you initially have stored your goods in Germany, at the discretion of Amazon, then your local and cross-border orders will be fulfilled. This means that you can sell to all EU Marketplaces, with Amazon in control of the storage across these countries.

When is it the right choice for me?

If you have already started using EFN and sales have increased to a better level, or even your sales are around 500 units per month, then the CE program gives the option of storage for Amazon in three different countries, with no additional FBA charges.

How can it benefit me?

The CE program allows your FBA inventory to be stored in all three countries, additional fulfilment networks can be used, the fulfilment fees per FBA unit are €0.50 lower and the shipping efficiency is increased.

Any disadvantages?

Unlike the EFN option, with the CE program you will be VAT registered in Germany, but will also require to VAT register in Poland and the Czech Republic.